When I googled 'Innovation', I could find two definitions for this word. But when a product is called an innovative one, it should be accepted by the society and definitely become revolutionary.
Innovations accepted by people will turn revolutionary in course of timeInnovative ideas that turned into products are the best to know to analyse them. Look at the word 'Googled', which I used earlier, referring to a popular keyword for searching in internet. Why is that Google as a search engine has so much influence in our lives!

Google which I call a company where miracles are made. From self driving cars to conducting science fairs for channelling innovative ideas from new perspectives, Google has become a platform that is most influencial in our daily lives. But what compelled them to become a company where miracles are thought every day. 

What drives them, I mean come on! They are a internet search engine. But still they have come so far. That just shows that a good innovat…
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